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Hacks, Techs and Rubber Bands

So, this morning somebody stuck a couple folders of webpages on my evannichols.com site. I don't think they did anything else; all the timestamps for the existing files were old. Still, I deleted the folders. There was a .htaccess file that either hadn't been there before or was added on 5/13/2011 (could I really have not added one? Really?). I changed that out with a modified version of my askdreldritch.com one. I did report the breach to my webhost, although I don't know if it will do any good. Or if they even care.

From my user console, I clicked the link for "Create a New Trouble Ticket." It took me to a log-in page for the Trouble Ticket system, but neither my ID, password nor email were recognized. Since they migrated to a new system in April, I figured I needed to re-register. And looked for a link, or button, or...? Couldn't find any. So I clicked the "Start a Live Chat" button and told Scott that I was trying to create a new trouble ticket and the system didn't recognize my information, how could I register them again? He said, "Click the register button."

I was already cranky after finding somebody else's stuff on my website, and I considered a vigorous pointing-out that being instructed to click a button which did not exist on the screen I was on WAS NOW IN THE RUNNING FOR THE "LEAST FREAKIN' HELPFUL ADVICE I'D RECEIVED THIS YEAR" AWARD. Instead, I tracked back, found the other link to the Trouble Ticket system, and found the page that DID have a Register button. I couldn't help but let Scott know that his instructions should have directed me to the useful page first, but I didn't even suggest that I should charge him my usual consulting fee for that. He'll probably never know how lucky he was.

On an unrelated note: I'm not good yet at remembering to remove the rubber bands from my teeth before I eat. Since I'm not chewing much, it's not like I'm going to bite through them, but I could knock them loose and end up swallowing them. They're tiny, so that would PROBABLY be harmless, but I don't want to take any chances. I've heard too many stories about cats and rubber bands.

Anyway. Hz's third birthday party is tomorrow! We're all excited...

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