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So, Where Was I?

For as full as my days have been, I haven’t been posting much. I don’t want to test the tolerance of my audience for my droning on about the minutiae of my life (granted, that’s what LJ is FOR, but I want to justify my tagline “Not as tedious as most” (trademark pending)). I don’t want to drive people away with too much of this:

Wednesday – One of the nice buses for the ride home. Volcano didn’t erupt. What a good day!

I did have an odd experience. I frequently bake a couple pounds of ground chicken or turkey at a time, which acts as the starting point for several meals. This week I noticed I had a packet of fajita seasoning mix which wasn’t elderly, but had been loitering about the cupboards since before The Move. Trying to avoid recreating the Home For Retired Food Products, I decided to have spicy turkey this week. I mix it in, bake, serve and taste. I don’t have spicy. I have Meat Loaf.

Now, I like Meatloaf (both the entrée and the musician); it just wasn’t what I expected. Similar to planting carrots and harvesting some beets.*

Which reminds me of an idea I had for a single-panel cartoon, which I would draw if I had more skill in that department. Imagine a man speaking to an obviously pregnant woman:

Man: Do you know what it is?
Woman: No. We’re hoping for a microwave!

* I like saying “Some Beets” (just ask JQP). With the proper inflection, it sounds like you’re swearing, but you’re not!**

** Okay, I’m amused by silly things. Like cascading parentheticals and iterative footnotes. And the photo I took for this year’s Birthday cards.*** It still makes me snicker.

*** If you haven’t seen it, tell me your birthday**** and I’ll send you a copy.

**** If I already know your birthday and I missed it, Sorry! Those with birthdays in November or December, be patient. (But still tell me, if I don’t know it!)

Hey, you read all the way to the bottom! Thanks for not finding this too tedious! Until next time, Happy Meatloaf!

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