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So, Then This Happened...

Okay, I know I brought this on myself, but my calendar at BHFT reminded me that I had an orthodontic appointment today. Will the aching distract me from the coughing, or the other way 'round? Anyway, they increased the bumpers glued onto my teeth (now they feel HUGE). When I didn't complain too much about that, they glued spikes on the INSIDE of my lower teeth, and told me put rubber bands on them. I figured out the game by that point, and started whining. So they only upped the thickness of the wire in my lower braces, then let me go.

In related news, tonight's dinner was roasted-garlic-and-olive-oil-brown-rice couscous. And chicken paté. Easy to consume without much chewing! Really can't complain too much. It was tasty.
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