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4 Days Without BHFT – Day 4

I thought the irritation in my throat merely due to an apparent attempt to inhale some cookie crumbs rather than swallowing them (at what point do we stop doing that?), so I went to Dude Night, which was low-turnout but still entertaining. But the Cold set in overnight, and somewhere around 2:00am (or 1:37 Canadian), I knew that I was sick. Smurf.

So, Days 2 – 4 were spent in bed. Sometimes I was feverish. Sometimes coughing. Pretty much always sniffling. Occasionally all three at once. You have evidence that we live in a Just and Caring Universe? I submit my weekend as counterargument. Granted, it's not the most egregious miscarriage of justice, but what did I do to deserve it?

Fortunately, I actually like lying around watching TV, which was about all I had strength for when I wasn't sleeping. Here's a recap of much of my viewing:

Next: A Nicolas Cage SF/thriller about a Las Vegas stage magician who can predict what will happen to him up to two minutes in the future. The Philip K. Dick story it's based on wasn't specifically the inspiration for the "Ask Dr. Eldritch" letter on the topic, but it just about could be. It's okay. Hard to say much without being spoilery, but it kept my interest.

Run, Fat Boy, Run: What I liked best about this movie was India de Beaufort (Fun Fact: Her name is "India", but she's actually from Surry). Unfortunately, she has only a minor role, and most of her scenes were cut from the finished version. Other than that, it stars cowriter Simon Pegg, who I usually like, and it was directed by David Schwimmer, who I can only visualize now as a neurotic giraffe. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a screenplay about a loser who decides to run a marathon in three weeks time in order to win back the woman he abandoned at the altar (while she was pregnant with their child), from a charming, wealthy go-getter who is an experienced marathoner. Insufficient cat-saving, if you know what I mean.

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! I started watching the TV show because the premise sounded so good: A group of cartoon characters from wildly diverse styles are in a "Big Brother"-style gameshow house together. If only the writing was as clever as the premise, instead of relying on crude gross-out humor! In my weakened state, it seemed a good idea to see if the movie version would be any better. It was not.

Ponyo: The impetuous choices of a magical creature cause horrific flooding of a Japanese coastal town (we see some property damage, but the associated deaths are mercifully off-screen). Eventually, her actions doom her to a life as a human. And... cheerful music at the end? Really, Disney? Storywise, let me say that if you have a room that it's really, really important that nobody goes into, buy a freakin' door lock. They're not that expensive. (I will admit that this film is very pretty, and I might not have been in the right mood for it.)

Salt: I have to wonder: Are there Russian movies about KGB agents who are actually CIA sleeper agents who were raised in fake Russian towns built in North Dakota? Ponder that, while I say that in this film, Angelina Jolie plays a CIA agent who might be a Russian sleeper agent. I will say that the previews pretty much let me know what was going to happen, but only through the first half of the movie. I was allowed to wonder how the second half would turn out, so points for that. Granted, there are some plot holes and WTF moments (When the security door closes VEEERY slowly, everybody walks away before it's shut, because one lone guard is there? Really?). Still, lots of chasing and hitting and exploding and stuff. It kept me entertained.

Four Lions: Supposedly this is very funny, but I wasn't amused by the first 10 minutes, so I decided this was not the day for it.

From Paris With Love: No matter what you may think about John Travolta's religious beliefs (Scientology) or his other movies (Battlefield Earth), he does play a crazy CIA hit man really well. Sure, some scenes of one crazy guy clearing out rooms of armed men are a bit unrealistic, but if you like crazy shooting and hitting and exploding, this isn't too bad.

A Town Called Panic: A French stop-motion movie using plastic toys where it's the horse's birthday, and the Cowboy and the Indian accidentally order 50 million bricks to make him a barbeque, and... I can only watch this about ten minutes at a time. It's way too frenetic when I'm sick.

You Kill Me: Ben Kingsley plays an alcoholic hit man who moves to San Francisco to get clean and start over, and he falls for Tea Leoni in the process. It kinda brought up some stuff. But it's not a bad movie. It's not exactly a laugh-out-loud comedy, but for most people, there's probably less catharsis.
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