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Inception Fan Fiction: When Memories Come Unbidden

I don't write a lot of fan fiction, but sometimes ideas comes to me, and they keep bouncing around in my head until I write them down just to make them leave me alone.

It helps if you've seen the movie "Inception" to appreciate this fic, but it is not necessary: Arthur/Eames, Rated for All Audiences, but contains graphic emotional entanglement, intensely codependent relationship, implied hot m/m action. 102w.

When Memories Come Unbidden

During moments of stillness, Eames sometimes thinks about the best pizza he ever ate. Other pizzas in his life had exceptional features, like the one with the perfect crust. Another had achieved the ideal sauce-cheese-toppings ratio. There was the one where everything ranked an 8 out of 10. That was unforgettable, too. But the best pizza... it was all 10's. Aristotle would have approved. It was sublime. Magnificent. A pizza to uplift one's very Soul, like hearing the song of angels. Sometimes, he tries to tell Arthur about it.

"Why didn't you save me some?" Arthur asks.

"It was a really good pizza," Eames replies.

~~ the end ~~

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