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Monday: Counting Books

During my Day Off on Monday, it occurred to me that I have five book projects going on:

1. Ask Dr. Eldritch Volume #2 Why Does My Monster Hate Me? I have proof copies to review, and then release the finished version.

2. Ask Dr. Eldritch Volume #3 (Currently Unnamed Ask Dr. Eldritch Book). Working on the advice column letters, thinking about cover art.

3. The Last Astrology Book You'll Ever Need: The Ask Dr. Eldritch HOROSCOPE OF MYSTERY! Home Version. I have a Minion working on formatting the content from the existing horoscopes.

4. Philbert Whomperstomper Tales. My father's book of stories, which needs to be set up for final printing.

5. The Joyest Place In The World. It's almost time to start revising the first draft, and getting it ready to pitch.

And that doesn't even include the final Advice Column compilation of all three books in one volume.

Some other time, I'll enumerate the Graphic Novel projects.
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