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Oh, And I Have Apatow Issues...

Things I Learned This Weekend:

Right contact in left eye – Not bad. Left contact in Right eye – Way blurry. Net result: Bad. Swapping them back fixes the problem nicely.

I really liked the movie "Paul." Somehow I missed that it was written by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who did the excellent "Shaun of the Dead" and the pretty good "Hot Fuzz." I had trepidations; I'm not a big fan of Seth Rogan. So every time I tried to write about this movie, I ended up going on about Judd Apatow and his "shlubby guy gets the gorgeous girl" trope, which always feels to me like screenwriters trying to write a better history for themselves, and wandering away from talking about the movie I actually saw. See, I did it again! Anyway. "Paul" is funny, I appreciated the Star Wars/Close Encounters/Aliens references, and I'm really glad I saw it.

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