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I'm still here!

I didn’t mean to go so long between entries, especially when the last public post was talking about volcanic activity. I imagine the Reader’s experience would be like finding a diary in Pompeii where the last entry is “Volcano acting up, but they say there is no cause for alarm. Wait, what’s that noise?”

Since that previous post, I did the reading at Dragon’s Head (yes, it went very well, thank you!), had a good session at Screenwriting Class and started working at my New Job! Woohoo! It feels a little weird not being a WISDOM person, I’m actually a part-time temp employee. Since they’ve only allocated money for 160 hours of my time, it’s pretty much a short-term deal. Still, it’s work, and that means money, which can be exchanged for goods and services. I like goods and services.

Last week I had Wednesday through Sunday pretty much free and clear, so I wrote. It was GREAT! Some writers claim they enjoy having written, but not writing. I’m finding that when I have huge blocks of time to write, I enjoy the writing immensely. By the end of that time, I had sixty pages of my screenplay done! Considering our assignment for next class was the first fifteen pages, I’m doing quite well. Of course, what with working five days a week for a while, I probably won’t be able to keep up that pace. (Oh yes, CW said she loved my idea, and is looking forward to reading the script! w00t!)

So, the volcano has been blowing out steam and building a magma dome, but vulcanologists (I so rarely get to use that word!) are saying that while some sort of eruption is likely, it won’t be of the magnitude seen in 1980. I’m not terribly worried; I still haven’t stocked up on spare car air filters and cases of pudding cups, although it’s never a bad idea to have emergency supplies at hand.

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