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Happy Equilux, Everybody!

Cranky much of the day. Not merely because I was dwelling on how some news person described today as the "official" start of Spring, but that didn't help. I knew that I'd work all day on laundry, dishes, paying bills, cleaning the bathroom and preparing meals for the week, and I'd still end up with a bunch of stuff not done. I knew that. And yet I still look at the stack of unfinished tasks* and sigh. Had enjoyable conversations with my mother and oh_that_jocelyn, so the day was not a total downer. And I did get a bunch of stuff done. I think I'll post this and return snottygrrl's call. That should cheer me up.

* Goodwill donations, FreeGeek donations, winter clothes to put away, unsorted papers, unsent Newsletters and unwritten comics (okay, the last couple aren't exactly in stacks, but you know what I mean). Obviously, my Assistant is totally slackin'.
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