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Well, Mr. Cell Phone fell on his head again. The clip on his case wore out a while back, and it's been slipping off my belt more and more. Today he took a tumble, and his screen went blank. He still kinda works; I can answer calls. I can make calls, if I use speed-dial, or can dial without making mistakes. And I can tell when I get text messages, but I can't actually read them (I could probably send text messages if I can write and send them without seeing what I'm writing).

So I went to the Phone Store today and got a new phone. It's one of those that slides open and has a tiny QWERTY keyboard, so I can text more easily. Although I may soon learn why people have texts show up on damnyouautocorrect.com. The keyboard is really tiny, and it's very easy to make mistakes. I'll have to text a lot to practice.

Anyway. I like living in the Future, where I can walk into a store with a broken cell phone, and walk out an hour later with a new phone activated with my phone number, and my contact list has been copied onto it. It's pretty sweet.
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