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Do You Do This, Too?

Saturday was spent this way:
Maybe there would be enough time on Saturday morning for a walk with drarwenchicken and Hz before Dance Class* at 10:00. So I got ready to walk, and noodled about looking at funny pictures and cat videos on the Internet while waiting for them to wake up. If I'd known that Hz would sleep in until 9:00, I could have spent those hours working on comics, not LJ posts. I did play with Hz while drarwenchicken showered and dressed, and then helped them get ready and out the door, so it wasn't as if I totally wasted my time. But if I had known, I might have done things differently. Oh well.

So then I had just a little while before I went to give blood**. I've probably said this before, but the great thing about Double Red Cell donation is that you're a VIP in the blood-donor world. Your documentation is in a bright red folder, and you go right to the head of the lines. You get the comfy padded chairs. Sure, it probably annoys all the ordinary donors, but they spend less than ten minutes with a needle in their arm. We double donors stay plugged into a machine for about 45 minutes. And there's more risk of reaction to the anti-coagulants (and traces of plastifiers from the tubing) that get fed back into you.** Okay, so it's petty of me, but I like being a VIP.

They used to play Cd's, but now their music is Pandora. The selection parameters were set by Carl, who could play leboyfriend's brother on TV, so it was heavy on the ABBA, Cindy Lauper, Billy Joel and other popular artists from the 70's and 80's. I was cool with that.

Saturday evening was devoted to seeing "Gnomeo and Juliet," and I know what you're thinking: "Don't they die at the end?" I had to point that out to snottygrrl, despite it being a long shot that Disney chose to have the young lovers tragically die (hey, they kill Moms off left and right, it could happen). So, yes. They die. In the Shakespeare version. Not in this one.

And, even though I didn't have great expectations for this movie, I rather enjoyed it. Many funny lines. Lots of Shakespearian references for those who are familiar with such things. Happy ending. Not a waste of time.

* Hz's Dance Class, not mine. I don't do dance class.

** I just get the weird lip tingling and numbness, but not bad enough to take Tums to mitigate it. There is a chance that my body will freak out some time and Bad Things would happen. But it's a small chance.

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