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Sunday: Pretty Good

What is it with toddlers? I mean, Hz seems pretty bright. She can construct complete sentences. You can have a conversation with her. She can tell stories (although her plots are derivative and her character development is weak). So why does she insist on stuffing her food into her mouth all at once? I swear she's going to choke. I keep telling her, "Bite. Chew. SWALLOW. Then repeat!" *sigh* She doesn't listen.

Chatted online with thrihyrne for a while this morning, then worked on Sekkrit Book Project #2 (okay, not that secret, really). Walked to the coffeeshop with Hz and drarwenchicken. Went to Second Breakfast with them and BILJ. Did NOT go to Superbowl Party at Dude M's house, because it didn't happen this year. The party, I mean (although they possibly considered not having a Superbowl either. I can't say). Got comfortable lying down in bed to call oh_that_jocelyn, and she was just going into a restaurant to visit with friends. We rang off, and I couldn't quite get motivated to get up. So I stayed lying down for a while. And watched a little of the Superbowl.

You know how I usually mute the commercials when I watch TV? This was the opposite: I'd mute during the game (seriously, do they say anything worth listening to?), and would turn the sound back on for the ads. The ones I saw weren't all that funny. Disappointed.

If you've ever wondered what conversations between sanguinity and me are like, check out this IM chat transcription about the TV show "Cleopatra 2525." If it doesn't make you want to watch the show, nothing will. (Sample: "Fashion Sense is what gives Humanity hope in the face of a Machineapocalypse.")

Oh, I'll end with a Cute Hz Story. I was heading upstairs to find out when we'd go walking, and when Hz heard me, she said (as she does), "Evan!" I replied, "Hz! Can I come up for a visit?" She said: "Yes, you may." And I thought, "Aw! She knows the difference between 'can' and 'may!'" Then, "Did I just have my grammar corrected by a two-year-old?" Mixed feelings. At least I know to take small bites of food when I eat.

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