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Up early, worked on book project for my father. Walked with drarwenchicken and Hz.

Went for Second Breakfast at Bar Carlo on SE Foster. Is it a Portland thing to have a breakfast place that accommodates Vegans, or have other cities figured out that Vegans exist and they will eat breakfast, too? I had the Hash, which is NOT vegan, but if one doesn't eat eggs, the Bar Carlo people will nicely replace the poached eggs with tofu (and not just cold tofu right out of the container like most places, it was prepared with tasty seasonings so it was a friendly addition to the hash, not just a sullen substitution). I could easily see dining there again.

Then off to the Gun Show. My companion noted a few things about the show, such as how there weren't really any booth babes present.* Also, that firearm colors tend to be black, brown, steel, camo... and pink. ** The show also featured knives (many in bright colors, and ranging from highly practical to wild fantasy blades that look dangerous in the sense that anyone trying to use it would put themselves at significant risk), and a variety of gun supply and survivalist accessories, and some random stuff, like highly-detailed GI Joe dolls, brightly colored toys, and an entire table of scented candles.

After, we walked over to the hall where the Cat Show was going on. There weren't any Cat Show People (which I'm told tend to be middle-aged women in cat sweatshirts) hanging out in the lobby to see, and since we didn't feel like paying admission, we didn't go in. Which is probably best for those of us who are allergic to cats.

After all that excitement, it was good to wind down with a few more Futurama episodes, and another early night. My Life is Exciting.

* My comments about that: The shows are less like a car show or boat show where dealerships are showing off the latest models, and more like flea markets, with dealers and collectors showing wares on rows of tables.

** My comments about that: Firearm manufacturers may have more insightful campaigns to win women over to gun ownership, but the way it appears at the show is that a fraction (1%?) of guns there are pink. This seems like a marketing strategy from the 1950's. I envision a conference room of executives and marketers (all men, of course), addressing the question, "How can we get women to buy guns?" And someone says earnestly, "Well, women love pink! Let's make pink guns!" And everybody nods, as if there can be no other answer. fin

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