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I'm not really so insecure that I won't post about how great my friends are in case people read it and think, "Hey, these people are awesome! I'm going to hang out with them too!" and then my friends start spending so much time with those people that they have no time left for me, but it's still a thought that crosses my mind.

Take, for example, Sunday's adventures. The Librarian and I decided on a therapeutic outing for ice creams,* which expanded to include a free showing of "Food Fight," a documentary about the badness of corporate agribusiness and government policy based on food "efficiency," and the goodness of growing and eating local-farm-based foods.

We arrived at the Bagdad before the doors opened at 5:00, because one just never knows how many people in Portland will show up for a free documentary about the local-food movement. There wasn't a long line waiting, so we went in, had a moment of anxiety about not interacting with any ticket-taking-type persons (although it was free, so we really didn't need to interact), and then got food and talked about all sorts of stuff until the film started.

The documentary was agreeable enough; I liked how the film focused mostly on the positive aspects, and didn't dwell on the Awfulness of How Things Are Today that so many documentaries do. And they did address getting locally-grown food to people who previously didn't have geographical or economic access to it. I can't say I found it a must-see, nor a stirring call to action, but it did make me think about buying more from farmers markets.

After, The Librarian and I went for gelato at Stacatto Gelato (the one on NE 28th), since they have non-dairy options for those of us who avoid dairy and instead get a scoop of the Mango and one of Strawberry, both of which were quite good.

I hope I wasn't the only one who found the evening profoundly enjoyable. I always like talking with The Librarian, and when we have hours to fill, the conversation rambles about quite agreeably. I am, of course, sworn to secrecy about the details**, but I will say that we didn't spend much time staring uncomfortably at our shoes. The evening ended kinda early because I tend to pumpkin out well before midnight, and it was a school night, after all. Still, movie-and-ice-creams with the Librarian gets 5 penguins: 5 Penguins

* For the avoidance of Dread Diseases What Can Be Prevented By Having Ice Creams With Friends, naturally.

** No, I'm not.
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