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Got Free Time?

I believe most of the regular readers of this journal don't live in the Portland area, but you're still invited! This weekend is the bookstore's one-year anniversary, and to celebrate, we're having local authors read from their works. The really cool part is: That Includes ME! Yes, I'm having a reading this Sunday, 5:00 pm (I'm the final act, so I have a full hour, if I can last that long).
Here's Info: Dragon's Head Books, 6016 NE Glisan, Portland. (503) 235-5995 for info.

I'll read some of my short stories, including a new Kevan & Boont adventure, and some letters from my "Ask Dr. Eldritch" column. And maybe some other stuff, if people haven't wandered off by then. Y'all are invited, if you can make it!

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