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Hz and Me

In all the excitement yesterday with Emergency Rooms (my sister's doing better today; thanks everyone for the well wishes!), I didn't get to talk about the Best Thing That Happened Yesterday: Hz and I went and played at the park.

Now, I haven't done much babysitting for Hz, mostly "Could you watch Hz while I take a shower and deal with the laundry?"-level stuff. But it's all been at home. Controlled environment. On Sunday, Hz and I walked to the park together to play. Outside.

You get what this means, right? That for a time, I was the adult solely responsible FOR PROTECTING HZ FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD. I tried not to get tense about it, so Hz wouldn't worry, but, my god. What if she fell and got hurt? What if I accidentally instilled in her a set of Slacker Values that prevented her from getting into a good college? WHAT IF THERE WERE BEARS!?!

Despite my anxieties, it went really well. We walked the three blocks to the park and played. The play structure has a slide, monkey bars, a speaking tube, a mini climbing wall (which we have NOT explained to Hz what that is), and a big mirror. She played with everything, but the favorite were sticks. And walking on the low wall that circles around the play area. We played pirates, which mostly consisted of saying "Arrr, Cap'n," and "Aye, Matey," and looking about for treasure (we never found it).

After quite a while, I was thinking I should announce that we could only play for four more minutes, Hz decided that she we should have hot chocolate. I pointed out that there wasn't any at the park, but we could check the supply at our house. She was fine with that, so we walked home. By the time we got there, she'd forgotten about the hot chocolate. So we had soup.

Aside from a minor (and self-inflicted) bump in the head from a stick, Hz made it through unscathed. She even seemed to have quite a good time. As far as I'm concerned, it was awesome.
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