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Sluggish Saturday

Felt tired but otherwise okay today, despite last night's consumption of rich food and absinthe. Spent much of the morning on the walk to the coffeeshop with drarwenchicken and Hz, where we saw jaylake writing on his laptop. We interrupted him to say hi. He was gracious about it, although he probably could have used that minute to write another 753 words.

Once home, I worked on setting up a Wordpress blog for oh_that_jocelyn. Eventually, I plan on downloading the Wordpress software into one or more of my domains and using it for managing my sites, so learning on her site seemed a great idea. I'm told it's pretty easy. But I haven't even gotten to reading the "Read This Before Downloading Wordpress" document. Fortunately, setting up a blog on the Wordpress site turns out to be even easier. I did the basic configuration, put in text from what she sent me, uploaded a couple photos, and there it was! I turned it over to her for review and adjustments.

I must say, Wordpress is quite friendly. I did struggle a few times with "How do I do THIS thing?", but figured out all but one. Once I got familiar enough to get around, the thing that consumed the most time was trying out various themes. One could spend a lot of time doing that.

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