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Thoughtful Thursday

Well, I'm not going to announce that my New Year's Organizational Efforts have completely fallen by the wayside. But. I'm not doing very well at keeping up with my objectives.

You know, I used to come home and work for two or three hours assembling comics. Pretty much every night. I was wondering if my current lack of evening stamina* was due to my age. Perhaps I'm losing my capacity to work 10-11 hour days?

Something else has changed, though. For almost three years, my work at BHFT was pretty evenly paced. My deadlines were months apart, and I could choose each day what tasks I worked on. If I was feeling alert, I'd tackle the more complex ones. When less energetic, I'd set the bar lower.

My projects for the last two years haven't had that luxury, especially my current assignment. What I'm working on is driven by the Problem(s) of the Day. As I work, I'm monitoring email, phone calls and IM's, each of which could spawn one or more tasks of varied urgency. I'll often stop a task to handle an interruption, get distracted by yet another query, and then another, and eventually find my way back to the half-finished original task. Sometimes at the end of the day.

I do like how the days go by quickly, and there is a certain sense of victorious accomplishment when all of the problems have been subdued and Things Are Quiet. But I suspect my creative work has suffered due to the different demands of my work life. It's like the difference between hiking for eight hours, or jogging, with random sprinting, for eight hours. After a day of jogging, I'm not very interested in a couple hours of hiking.

Muh. Maybe I'll have more to say about it later...

* I'm not sure stamina is the right word, because I'm not inspired to work on my projects, as opposed to too tired to work on them. Mostly.

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