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It's Official: The Universe Is Messing With Me!

As you may recall, Dear Reader, I've been unemployed or underemployed all year. I'll confess that my job-hunting efforts haven't been overly strenuous, being content to live off the wealth amassed from working in Alaska, and allowing T from Wisdom to do the marketing of my consulting skills (albeit without much success). As we approached the screenwriting class and NaNoWriMo, I decided that for the duration I would focus on writing and NOT on employment.

So what happens? In the last week, I've been contacted about FOUR different jobs! I didn't seek them out, they came to ME! The question is obvious: Is this a test to see if I'll stick to my guns and pass on them all? Oh, wait, maybe it's to challenge my belief that working a regular job and being a productive writer are mutually exclusive? (Answer: C - The Universe is Messing With Me.)

I'm choosing to go with option #2, and rise to the challenge of working a 40-hour week AND making time for website content, screenplay, and novel. Fortunately, the job I'm accepting is a five-week contract, so I'll have the last half of November to finish my writing projects if I get behind.

So, I've decided that for the duration I'll focus on writing and gainful employment, and NOT on winning the lottery or seeking out intelligent and attractive women who find IT consultant/writers irresistible (hear that, Universe?).

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