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Seven Summaries

Three movies I didn't like so much, three I liked, and a Bonus Review:

Didn't So Much Like:

OSS 177: Lost In Rio: The joke is that the French spy is dim, bigoted and misogynistic. Repeat for 97 minutes. The mystery is why I watched it all.

Sunshine: Lots of Bad Science and illogical behavior. Way too many moments where I said, "Wait, what?"

Killers: It seems as if they wanted Kutcher and Heigl to be a modern Tracey and Hepburn. I think Katherine Heigl is really pretty. And she's talented. So why don't I enjoy her romantic comedies very much?


The Losers: Okay, this isn't a great movie, but there's lots of gunfire, explosions, fist fights and sexy time.

Stranger Than Fiction: Of course I liked this; I'm a writer. And Will Ferrell didn't annoy me too much.

Outsourced: A pleasant romantic comedy, set in India. I liked it more than the sitcom that it created.

The IT Crowd, Season 4: My major complaint is that a "season" of this Britcom is just six episodes. For a country that used to rule an empire spanning the globe, they really don't seem to be trying when it comes to television. While you can watch all the episodes in Season 4 in about the time that it takes to watch one "Lord of the Rings" movie, the whole disc takes a lot more time. Even the menus are entertaining, and if you let them run through a cycle, you get Easter-Egg Bonus Content. The humor may not be for everyone, but it amuses me.

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