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Yet Again...

You'd think I'd learn. I spent the morning puttering about, looking at stuff on the Internet and working on a couple projects. One was the book version of the Ask Dr. Eldritch Eternal HOROSCOPE OF MYSTERY! It will be a handy daily horoscope using the awesome horoscopes I've written; hopefully it will reach a wider audience than merely the Newsletter Subscribers. The other was a time-waster, seeing if I could set up a spreadsheet to analyze the possible sets in the game Set (the pattern-matching card game/online game). I could. But the work to make it evaluate ALL possible combinations was more than I wanted to spend.

So then I got hungry, and looked at the fridge and didn't know what I wanted for lunch, so I had a snack of some chicken and a few cookies*. And a few minutes later, because they were so good, I had some more cookies. And shortly thereafter, I started feeling all lethargic and spacey and drowsy. So I'm all, "Omigod, I did this again?"

Because I know that if I load up on sugary treats when I'm not well fed, I'll have a blood-sugar crash, and you don't get off that rollercoaster once the ride starts. How many times have I done this?** Apparently the Responsible Part of my brain gets totally drowned out by the Part That Likes Cookies.

So today I had a good walk/visit with sanguinity and grrlpup, a good-but-rained-on walk with drarwenchicken and Hz, puttered about, but didn't actually make progress on my Newsletter or comic.

So it wasn't a bad day, just not very productive.

* Wheat-free and dairy-free, but not sugar-free.

** A lot. There are probably numerous other posts in my archive complaining about how I've done this </i>again.</i>

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