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I SHOULD Be Able To Do This...

I intended to be working on the Newsletter, but I'm doing this instead. And then I got a visit from Hz, and we played for a while, so I doubt I'll get much more done tonight than this post. So it goes.

I don't feel like my life has changed very much from a year ago. I was looking at a post from January 4, 2010, and in it I was griping about having to replace a headlight. I just had one go out. Damn. Even my automotive annoyances are repeating.

Anyway, all that got me to considering how I wanted my life to be different. For example, I was envisioning my living space As I Would Like It To Be. It will be neat. Orderly. A room where I don't just pile things on the floor because there's no other place to put them. I like that Future room. I want to live there.

Of course, that means changing things. Not only will I have to clear out all the Things I No Longer Need, but I'll have to figure out better ways to store what I keep. And I'll have to change me, or at least, my behaviors. For example, stop postponing decisions on where stuff goes, because that's how it gets set down just anywhere (there the clutter begins (and once it gets a foothold, it grows quickly)). So it's a Non-Trivial Project to get from the Chaotic Today to the Neat and Organized Future.

I'd like it if my desire to change everything all RIGHT NOW was enough. Do I want Order badly enough to commit to the work? Do I have the discipline to make it happen? Can I carry through without getting distracted by more interesting/urgent/fun things?

Based on previous evidence, No.

So not only do I need to figure out what I want to change, I need learn better skills for making changes happen. That sounds useful. I'll be sure to report what I find.

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