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Last Day of Vacation

After yesterday's comment about "Jane Eyre" and robot assassins from the future, do you know what's showing on AMC? The Terminator. If only I had better control of the Mysterious Ways that I affect the Universe...

Since I had today off from work, I started the day with Early Morning TV. While I am greatly fond of television, I usually reserve it for my wind-down period of the day. So starting the day with a bunch of the 30-second movies (with Bunnies!) from Netflix feels like quite a Vacation Luxury. It may be a bit silly, but I enjoy the small pleasures.

Went with snottygrrl to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" today. Did you know it's still in theaters? It is. Just barely. We had to go to the Clackamas Mall, and see it in a theater with seats for 108 people, which was about 104 more than needed (I'm not complaining, believe me. In general, I'd rather not have a lot of random strangers in a movie theater trying to annoy me*).

I enjoyed HPatDHP1 quite a bit. I read the book so long ago, I didn't recall all the ways that the book and movie diverged (snottygrrl was willing to provide a post-movie analysis, fortunately). There's a lot of fighting, and characters we like getting killed, but it's a story of People Who Support Living Together In Peace and Harmony battling Power-Hungry Bigots, and I do support that.

So, it's back to Big Happy Fun Time tomorrow. I'd say something clever that sums up how I feel about that, but thinking about it makes me a little sad.

*If they're NOT trying to annoy me, then why do they act that way?

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