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Hungry AGAIN.

Dang it. I just had lunch an hour ago, and I'm hungry again. This usually just means I didn't get the protein-to-carbs ratio right, but it's annoying.

I suppose if that's the worst that I have to complain about, I'm doing pretty well. Today is a day spent at home, intentionally not going out into the rain, because I can. So far, I've worked on some goals/planning, catching up on emails, tidying up drarwenchicken and BILJ's living room, and reading Terry Pratchett's "I Shall Wear Midnight." I also talked with snottygrrl for an hour, which is typical for our conversations, and reviewed four Newsletters with my Proofreading Minion. I'm thinking about doing some laundry. If that goes well, then I will actually DO some laundry.

Yesterday, I went to lunch at Yummy Garden with sanguinity. The décor features a collection of Oregon movie memorabilia, and is way more interesting than the food, unfortunately. (We ordered Mara Chicken, Hunan Beef and Twice-Cooked Pork, and the three dishes were only distinguishable because one had chicken and snow peas, one had meat and snow peas, and one had meat and green peppers (yeah, we're not exactly sure which "meat" was beef and which was pork). The sauce was brown and tasted mostly of flavor enhancers, and was so salty that sanguinity said it was too salty for her taste, which is like a Unicorn saying that a rainbow has too much glitter.)

After that, we headed for REI in Clackamas, to buy a Hat. Now, I'd googled the address, but all I remembered was that it was on 82nd, somewhere between Johnson Creek and Sunnyside Road. Those of you who have ever ventured into that region know that there's a LOT of stores in that stretch*, and just heading out without knowing exactly where we were going was a Recipe for Disaster. We made other mistakes as well: We didn't tell anyone where we were going, or when we should return. We weren't carrying extra food, water and shelter. Our route took us unexpectedly close to a mall during after-Christmas sales. We had no anti-bear devices, except for a pointy stick. In hindsight, we were probably saved by the fact that once we arrived at our destination, there wasn't any parking. The mall lot had lines of cars circling for spaces, and by the time we neared an exit, my interest in shopping had plummeted to near zero. We could have parked in a exolot and hiked in, but then we'd have to deal with crowds in the store, and I'd probably get all stabby. So it's just as well that we called it off, and I took sanguinity home.

Forget laundry. I'm going to go finish "I Shall Wear Midnight." If I feel inspired, I'll post about that later.

* Approximately 8,374,593.

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