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Catching Up

Was working on the Newsletter last night, when I just lost my energy. Not quite a crash, but I lost interest in assembling, so I decided I'd fling together a quick LJ post instead, and call it good. And yet, I didn't finish the post until this evening:

Spent Thanksgiving goofing off, then took Nuclear Blue Grasshopper Jello to dinner at sanguinity and grrlpup's house. As always, great food and interesting people.

A good day to spend at the Portland Zoo is the Friday After Thanksgiving. I went with Professor K, who was in town for the holiday, and despite a bit of rain, we got to see far more animals than crowds, which is exactly how I prefer my zoo experience. I hadn't been there in ages. The penguin exhibit now allows viewers to watch the penguins from under water, and up close; I tried to take photos of a friendly penguin, but he's mostly a full-image blur. He found me fascinating, and I was ready to bring him home with me. I'd love to have a penguin sidekick.

My plan was to spend Saturday and Sunday writing. But then snottygrrl called to ask if I was going to eat breakfast on Saturday, and if I was, did I want to go out for breakfast with her and her Mum? And of course I did, so we went out to Slappy Cakes, and cooked our own pancakes. Then I called sanguinity and we went for a walk. And after I got home, I spent almost an hour on the phone with my mother. So it was a rather social day, but not a lot of writing happened.

More later.

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