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I'm doing better. Some features from Mr. Cold are lingering, but I went back to BHFT for two days, and that went okay. Friday was Dude Night. This month we chose Foster Burger, which is supposed to have Totally Awesome burgers. I decided to not rely on them for dinner, which I think was a good choice. Even the gluten-free veggie burger came on a wheat bun, and I didn't feel like challenging my system so soon after being sick. Still, I had a good time with the Dudes.

What follows are photos from the past week. I really enjoyed the Week In Pictures Meme, but it was a bit overwhelming to do every day. So I'm thinking I'll try taking pictures every so often, and posting them over the weekends. This time, I will give descriptions if I see fit.

Click images to go to the Flickr Set, and see larger versions if you want. You totally don't have to. It's up to you.

Last weekend, walked about on the Sunday Parkways, looking at the different booths and watching tons of bicyclists (and some walkers) on the course. Of course, I didn't take any pictures of all that. This is the Shakespeare In The Park's production of Anton Chekhov's Much Ado About Nothing. The actors carry scrolls with their lines, and there's a prompter/referee who gives cues and blows a whistle when the actors foul (really!).

Mixed in with all the talking was some courtly dancing. We were cool enough in the shade, but the day eventually got really hot. So we went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which I greatly enjoyed.

Today: Accomplished a walk, then felt all groggy, so took a nap. After lunch I started organizing my cast, costumes and props (you can see they needed it).

Got everyone organized, and added two new trays (also, the cardboard covers to keep dust off the costumes). While working, started feeling a bit queasy. Managed to finish this task before I lost momentum. Spent a while just lying down with my eyes closed, waiting to feel better. Decided that I shouldn't go to an evening of Indian food and Bollywood movies. Posted this instead.

Hz gave me my birthday present! She painted it herself (well, with just help on the lettering). I like it very much.

Here's the reverse side. The Power... The Passion... The Danger... A strong Artistic Statement, to be sure.

Such Art cannot be contained, but there is some inside the mug, too.

It seems that everyone is interested in Self Expression. Here's an example of what happens when one of the printers at BHFT decided to do an Abstract piece instead of a literal representation of a document I wanted printed. I kind of like it. It reminds me of the paint-spatter style that was so popular in the 80's. Not so helpful for work, but I like to encourage Art when it happens.

So, that's this week's photos! I'll try to do interesting things so I'll have more next week.

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