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A Week In The Life of Evan Nichols, Volume 5

You may be thinking that since Evan's life is a Non-Stop Parade of Ripping-Good Adventure, I therefore must be throttling back the excitement level in my photos to save you all from having fatal brain funsplosions. Thanks, but that's not the case. This is pretty much my life. Oh, it's not bad. I'm just feeling like I'm running out of things to photograph. I'm sure that's because I'm tired and not getting anything done except going to BHFT and posting these pictures. Anyway, today's Fun Fact* is that in picture #2, the table on the mezzanine closest to the top of the escalator is where I eat my lunch. In fact, you see a close-up in picture #3. So enjoy the photos, and be Excellent to each other!

Thursday's A Week In The Life Photos, Behind This Cut...Collapse )

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*For certain values of "Fun."

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