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A Week In The Life of Evan Nichols, Volume 2

Hey, I managed TWO days in a row! Isn't that awesome? I had fun taking pictures today. I wonder how it will be around Thursday, when I've photographed everything around me twice? But that's far in the future, so I won't worry about it today. Thanks for checking out my photos!

Click images to go to the Flickr Set, and see larger versions if you want. You totally don't have to. It's up to you.

4:08 am – I wish I could have gone back to sleep.

6:15 am - Today for breakfast I'm having Chicken Hot Dogs, Gluten-Free Blueberry Waffles, and coffee.

9:29 am - I have personalized my cubicle.

1:25 pm - Amused me more than it probably should.

1:18 pm - Lunchtime walk scenery.

4:20 pm - I like blue.

4:23 pm - Part of my Photos of Photographers collection.

4:37 pm - Be Nice To Tomatoes.

And as required by the Rules, here's the first post, which has the Rules.
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