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|| - Yup, They're Parallel

I feel like I should explain why I've been so quiet, and it's not like it's all new and different, but in case anyone was wondering...

My project at BHFT is in its first week of parallel testing. I somehow ended up as the Guy Who Knows How To Use The Application, so I'm kinda leading this phase of testing. Yes, the Project Manager is still in charge, but she's got way more than one person can do, so I've been shouldering a lot. Which is fine, but that's why this week has been hectic, not to mention the last several weeks leading up to this one.

I'm a proponent of the "Test Hard, Deploy Easy" strategy, and that meant shaking loose a whole bunch of defects in June and July. And looking forward, to figure out how to transition as smoothly to production as possible. It's actually going pretty well, as these things go, but there's always a lot lot lot to deal with. I'm the IT point of contact, so when the application users in the remote locations have problems or questions, they call me. I don't have to be the one to solve it, but I record it, research it, fix it if I can, assign it if needed, and track its completion. While getting more calls. Spinning plates, don't let them fall...

All this means that by the time I get home, I'm tuckered out. Not only have I been posting only one or two comics each week, but my TV time has really suffered. Seriously. A week ago, I got 30 minutes into episode 23 of Xena, and haven't finished it yet. sanguinity may give up on me.

In non-work-related news, I submitted a comic to issue #12 of Stumptown Underground! It will be a week or two before I hear back, but I have high hopes. Usually the waiting is hard, but I suspect the next couple weeks are going to fly by...
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