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Hz and Me

Hz just turned two, and has grown from being The Cutest Baby In The World to being The Cutest Toddler In The World, and I could go on and on about that, but I'll just tell you one story now.

She recently was the recipient of the obligatory magnetic refrigerator alphabet (which is required for all families with toddlers, even in those parts of the world where they don't have refrigerators), and I helpfully spelled out a word for her: BLUM. Our conversations about it go like this:

Me: Okay, here's Today's Word: BLUM. Can you say "BLUM?"
Hz: No, I can't say BLUM.
Me: Try it. BLUM.
Hz: No, I can't say BLUM.
Me: Sure you can. BLUM.
Hz: Let's be Scary Lions! RAAAUUGHHRRR!

Well, the ending varies, but you get the idea.

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