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Today's Breakfast: Chicken Hot Dogs and Gluten-Free Blueberry Waffles

I cleaned out my Inbox. No, I didn't go through and sort every email into Reply, Act-On, File or Trash categories. I just dumped them into another folder labeled "CleanUp2010" to deal with later. That's how I do things. My intention, of course, is to keep up with my inbox for the second half of the year and work my way through the backlog over time. It's like a half-year's resolution. (As an Optimist, I like to think of 2010 as still half full.)

I've tried a couple times to put words to My Most Eventful Week Ever... well, that's not true. I've done it multiple times in my head. It hasn't coalesced well on paper, real or virtual. Perhaps it never will. If you want to hear about it, ask me sometime when we're hanging out together.

I did go to California, and had a good time. I performed my first memorial service. The wedding was great (I got to be the Groom's Attendant)! Really, the weekend was marred only by a bunch of uninvited mosquitoes. I also got to see drkershadows, justslm and DrJ, which was a pleasant but altogether too brief visit.

I've been having dreams lately where I'm being held prisoner by groups of people. I don't feel scared or threatened, but am focused on escape. Sometimes there are other people with me.

I haven't yet individually thanked everyone who sent words of support and offers of assistance, but please know that I'm grateful for all of them. And I'll save them for cashing in later. (I can do that, right?) ;-)
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