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A Year’s Supply of Movie Recs

I believe I first heard about the book Leonard Maltin's 151 Best Movies You've Never Seen from BoingBoing.com, and borrowed a copy from the library to check it out. I thought I’d read through the entries, flag the movies that sounded good, and add them to my Netflix queue. After I flagged 9 of the first 10,* I decided that I’d just add them ALL to my list. Maybe Maltin’s descriptions make them sound more compelling than I’ll find them, but I think they’ll be interesting, at the very least.

So as a service to my Readers, here’s the list of movies from the book. I’ve marked the ones I’ve seen in Bold (15 out of 151; so his title is 10% inaccurate). I’ve provided the release year and director, because some have similar names to other movies (e.g. The Maltese Falcon, which is NOT the Bogart version). Apparently not all of them are available on DVD, but the ones that are will keep me busy for quite a while. (Yes, if I was REALLY nice, I'd make them all links to Netflix pages so we could all add them to our queues easily. I don't have that kind of time. Sorry.) Scroll to the bottom for downloadable versions of the list, though.

Leonard Maltin’s 151 Best Movies You’ve Never Seen
American Dreamz, 2006, Paul Weltz
The Animal Factory, 2000, Steve Buscemi
Aurora Borealis, 2006, James Burke
Baadassss!, 2004, Mario Van Peebles
The Ballad of Little Jo, 1993, Maggie Greenwald
Better Than Sex, 2000, Johnathan Teplitzky
The Big Hit, 1998, Che-Kirk (Kirk) Wong
Blood and Wine, 1997, Bob Rafelson
Brick, 2006, Rian Johnson
Brothers, 2004, Susanne Bier
Bubba Ho-Tep, 2003, Don Coscarelli
Career Girls, 1997, Mike Leigh
Casanova, 2005, Lasse Hallstrom
Chop Shop, 2008, Ramin Bahrani
Citizen Ruth, 1996, Alexander Payne
Connie and Carla, 2004, Michael Lembeck
C.R.A.Z.Y., 2005, Jean-Marc Valiee
Criminal, 2004, Greory Jacobs
Crush, 2002, John McKay
Dark Days, 2000, Marc Singer
The Dead Girl, 2006, Karen Moncrieff
The Devil's Backbone, 2001, Guillermo del Toro
Diamond Men, 2001, Daneil M. Cohen
Dick, 1999, Andrew Fleming
The Dinner Game, 1998, Francis Veber
Dinner Rush, 2001, Bob Giraldi
The Dish, 2000, Rob Sitch
Disney's Teacher's Pet, 2004, Timothy Bjorklund
The Door in the Floor, 2004, Tod Williams
Driving Lessons, 2006, Jeremy Brock
Duck Season, 2004, Fernando Eimbcke
East is East, 1999, Damien O'Donnell
Everything Put Together, 2001, Marc Forster
"Fast, Cheap and Out of Control", 1997, Errol Morris
15 Minutes, 2001, John Herzfeld
Find Me Guilty, 2006, Sidney Lumet
Firelight, 1998, William Nicholson
Following, 1999, Christopher Nolan
Gilles' Wife, 2004, Frederic Fonteyne
Gloomy Sunday, 1999, Rolf Schubel
Go Tigers!, 2001, Kenneth A. Carlson
Going In Style, 1979, Martin Brest
The Great Buck Howard, 2009, Sean McGinly
The Greatest Game Ever Played, 2005, Bill Paxton
The Hard Word, 2002, Scott Roberts
The Harmonists, 1997, Joseph Vilsmaier
Hedwig and the Angry Inch, 2001, John Cameron Mitchell
Hidalgo, 2004, Joe Johnston
A Home at the End of the World, 2004, Michael Mayer
The House of Sand, 2005, Andrucha Waddington
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, 2008, Robert Weide
I Served the King of England, 2006, Jiri Menzei
Idiocracy, 2006, Mike Judge
In the Shadow of the Moon, 2007, David Sington
Indigenes (Days of Glory), 2006, Rachid Bouchareb
Innocent Blood, 1992, John Landis
Intermission, 2003, John Crowley
Island in the Sky, 1953, William A. Weliman
Julia, 2008, Erick Zonca
Keeping Mum, 2005, Niall Johnson
Kill Me Later, 2001, Dana Lustig
King of California, 2007, Mike Cahill
The King of Masks, 1997, Wu Tianming
King of the Hill, 1993, Steven Soderbergh
Kontroll, 2003, Nimrod Antal
La Cuidad/The City, 1999, David Riker
La Petite Lili, 2003, Claude Miller
La Promesse, 1996, Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne
Lady for a Day, 1933, Frank Capra
The Last Shot, 2004, Jeff Nathanson
Lawless Heart, 2001, Neil Hunter and Tom Hunsinger
Levity, 2003, Ed Solomon
Look Both Ways, 2005, Sarah Watt
The Lookout, 2007, Scott Frank
Love and Death on Long Island, 1997, Richard Kwietniowski
Mad Money, 2008, Callie Khouri
The Maltese Falcon, 1931, Roy Del Ruth
The Man from Elysian Fields, 2002, George Hickenlooper
Man Push Cart, 2006, Ramin Bahrani
Marvin's Room, 1996, Jerry Zaks
The Matador, 2005, Richard Shepard
Matchstick Men, 2003, Ridley Scott
Matewan, 1987, John Sayles
Maybe Baby, 2000, Ben Elton
The Merry Gentleman, 2009, Michael Keaton
Metroland, 1998, Philip Saville
A Midnight Clear, 1992, Keith Gordon
The Mighty, 1998, Peter Chelsom
Millions, 2005, Danny Boyle
Mirrormask, 2005, David McKean
Moonlighting, 1982, Jerzy Skolimowski
Mountains of the Moon, 1990, Bob Rafelson
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, 2005, Dan Ireland
My First Mister, 2001, Christine Lahti
The Mystery of Picasso, 1956, Henri-Georges Clouzot
Nine Lives, 2005, Rodrigo Garcia
Nothing But the Truth, 2008, Rod Lurie
October Sky, 1999, Joe Johnston
Off the Map, 2004, Campbell Scott
Once Were Warriors, 1994, Lee Tamshori
One Fine Day, 1996, Michael Hoffman
Owning Mahowny, 2003, Richard Kwietniowski
The Painted Veil, 2006, John Curran
Paradise Now, 2005, Hany Abu-Assad
Peter's Friends, 1992, Kenneth Branagh
Phoebe in Wonderland, 2008, Daniel Barnz
The Pledge, 2001, Sean Penn
Priceless, 2006, Piere Salvadori
Prisoner of Paradise, 2003, Malcolm Clarke and Stuart Sender
"The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio", 2005, Jane Anderson
Queen of Hearts, 1989, Jon Amiel
Quinceanera, 2005, Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland
Raising Victor Vargas, 2003, Peter Sollett
Resurrecting the Champ, 2007, Rod Lurie
Resurrection, 1980, Daniel Petrie
Safe Men, 1998, John Hamburg
Scarecrow, 1973, Jerry Schatzberg
Seven Men from Now, 1956, Budd Boetticher
Shadowboxer, 2006, Lee Daniels
Something New, 2006, Sanaa Hamri
Son of Rambow, 2008, Garth Jennings
Songcatcher, 2001, Maggie Greenwald
Spring Forward, 2000, Tom Gilroy
Starting Out in the Evening, 2007, Andrew Wagner
Startup.com, 2001, Chris Hegedus and Jehane Noujaim
State of the Union, 1948, Frank Capra
The Steel Helmet, 1951, Samuel Fuller
Still Crazy, 1998, Brian Gibson
Stone Reader, 2003, Mark Moskowitz
Sweet Land, 2005, Ali Selim
The Tao of Steve, 2000, Jenniphr Goodman
Taste of Cherry, 1997, Abbas Kiarostami
The Third Miracle, 1999, Agnieszka Holland
Thumbsucker, 2005, Mike Mills
Tristam-Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story, 2006, Michael Winterbottom
Tumbleweeds, 1999, Gavin O'Connor
Tuvalu, 2000, Veit Helmer
The TV Set, 2007, Jake Kasdan
Two Family House, 2000, Raymond De Felitta
Two Lovers, 2009, James Gray
Waking the Dead, 2000, Keith Gordon
The Weather Man, 2005, Gore Verbinski
Welcome to Sarajevo, 1997, Michael Winterbottom
Went to Coney Island on a Mission From God. . . Be Back By Five, 2000, Richard Schenkman
What Doesn't Kill You, 2008, Brian Goodman
The Whole Wide World, 1996, Dan Ireland
The Wide Blue Road, 1957, Gillo Pontecorvo
Winter Solstice, 2005, Josh Sternfeld
Word Wars, 2004, Eric Chalkin and Julian Petrillo
The World's Fastest Indian, 2005, Roger Donaldson
Zathura: A Space Adventure, 2005, Jon Favreau

If you want this list in spreadsheet format, click here.

If you want this list in Word document format, click here.

* I’m not sure about “Animal Factory,” as I’m not big on prison movies, but it still sounds interesting.

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