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10,958 and Counting

So, yesterday was my birthday. You probably knew that. But, as often happens on my birthday, I was saying to myself, “Omigod, another year just went by!” And then I thought about all that has transpired since I graduated from high school in 1980. So I put together this data profile for the past three decades:


College degrees: 1 ( BA in Theatre, Lewis & Clark College)
States Lived In: 4
Apartments/Rentals: 12
Houses bought: 1
Houses sold: 1
Girlfriends: 6
Marriages: 1
Divorces: 1
Nephews: 1 (with 1 under construction)
Nieces: 2
Cars owned: 5
Computers owned: 6
IT Jobs: 6
IT Clients during those jobs: A bunch
IT Awards won: 1
Times Filed for Unemployment: 3
Dental Fillings: 7
Surgeries: 5
Blood donations: 40
Parking Tickets: 0
Speeding Tickets: 0
Traffic accidents: 1
Civil suits: 1
Jury Duty: 1
Weddings I performed: 1
Marathons (walking): 2
Summer Biathalons (running): 1
Big lottery wins: 0 (but still trying)
Breakfasts: 10,958 (Approximately. More if you count Second Breakfasts.)
Short stories sold: 0
Novels sold: 0
Feature-length screenplays sold: 0
Magazine articles sold: 1
1-Act Plays produced: 2
Short film scripts sold: 1 (never produced)
Minutes of my sketch comedy produced/aired: 22
Webcomic episodes produced: 663
Books published: 1

I feel that I should derive some Great Insight from this, but I've got nothing. Perhaps something will occur to me in a decade or two...

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