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Why, Arizona? WHY?

Dear Arizona,
Let me speak bluntly. I am seriously worried about you. You've been passing a bunch of stupid laws lately. Is this a cry for help?

Let's start with your recent Anti-Immigrant law. I know you're frustrated because the Federal government has been remiss in dealing with the problems in current immigration policy. I get that. But lashing out in a poorly-thought-out manner is not the answer (are you bracing yourself for a truckload of lawsuits from it? You should be). This legislation reeks of fear and anger, Arizona. These are not attractive qualities in you.

Then, you passed a law prohibiting the creation of "human/animal hybrids." Seriously? I thought "President" Bush Jr. already outlawed that. When you talk like everything you know about scientists you learned from the movies, the other states will not respect you.

The latest law I've read about is the one banning public school classes about specific ethnic groups. I hope you haven't been trying to defend that, because anything you say is going to sound ignorant and racist. (And did you really have to lump in "classes that promote the overthrow of the US"? (Is that a frequent problem there? Lots of "Civics 101: Overthrowing the US" in Community Colleges? I somehow doubt that would make it past any Curriculum Committee.)) I know that many of your citizens have been feeling threatened and out of control lately, and they try to soothe those feelings by oppressing people they don't like. That's really not a good solution, Arizona. You should know better.

Lots of conservative pundits bloviate about "returning to the Good Old Days," but that's like a bully waxing nostalgic about sixth grade because back then he was the biggest kid in the class and could get away with tormenting any kid in the school. Instead, how about we look forward to a Better Future, where everyone can feel safe and successful?

Despite many of my experiences during the first eighteen years of my life, I am fond of you. I want what's best for you. You're not going to get ahead by riding in the back of the school bus with Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. They are not good role models. You shouldn't be trying to impress them. So, please, Arizona, stop embarrassing yourself, clean up your act, and start behaving like a grown-up state. You're practically 100 years old, after all.

Much Love,

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