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The cataclysmic oil disaster currently happening in the Gulf of Mexico exemplifies why I do not trust nuclear power. There are multiple sound bites of politicians, corporate shills and pundits yammering about how off-shore drilling can be done "safely." Does that mean "completely accident-free, except for the times where everything fails epically and causes a major environmental crisis in a vulnerable ecological region with devastating economic impact"? Because that seems to be the de facto definition. Which I don't find acceptable. And I personally don't want to see the same freakin' thing happen with clouds of radioactive gas drifting across regions of the country.

And Another Thing: Apparently there is a piece of safety equipment that could have kept this disaster under control (or greatly reduced it). But regulations requiring them were removed. And the device is about $500K. So, thanks BP, for saving money! Good on you!

And Yet Another Thing: After seeing the clip of Rush Limbaugh saying that oil in the ocean is completely natural, I want to dump a few dozen tons of "natural" oil sludge pulled from the Gulf coast onto his property and see how he likes it.

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