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Quick Update

I wish I could put together a summary of my trip to Seattle for the Emerald City Comic-Con that truly did it justice. Let me sum up:
  • Great train ride up (despite worry that it was going to be a bus ride).
  • Expensive downtown Seattle hotel had only one working elevator for 20 floors (was otherwise not a bad place, but I doubt I'll have any future stays in any Seattle hotels that rhyme with "Boosevelt").
  • Best part of ECCC was Wil Wheaton telling stories and answering questions for an hour, Leonard Nimoy telling stories and answering questions for an hour, and traipsing about the show with enesvy and Chill.
  • Tuckered out on Sunday, and decided since I wasn't having much fun, I'd just go to the train station and read (my NEW copy of "How to Make Webcomics," signed by all four authors!). Even tired and cranky, I enjoyed the train trip home. I like train travel. I believe I will do more of it.
After a busy week, wherein I managed to post ONE comic (but come within an hour of being done with a second), and went to Dude Night, it's yet again a weekend!

Today I was up early to play golf. Not quite as fun as last time, as the wind picked up to 25 – 35 mph, which is just too many mph's for the game. Not only did it make my ears cold (through my hat), but it was blowing the ball across the green. So I comforted myself by going for a walk with sanguinity, then visiting with her and grrlpup while talking about Star Trek TOS, then phoning my mother as I drove home, and having tacquitos for lunch, and then playing for a while with Hz. She has a tea set. She knows the word Teaparty. I think the tea set has the best entertainment value per dollar for anything BILJ has ever purchased. I'll have to get some photos...

Now I'm going to try watching "Inglorious Basterds," and see if it wins out over my general dislike of Tarantino films. I can follow it with a movie of the Madagascar penguins. Animated penguins make just about anything better.

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