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For Me, This Constitutes Huge Change

So, I'm thinking about buying a bed.

When I say this, I don't mean just swapping out a mattress, I'm looking at a full replacement of sleeping apparatus: Mattress, foundation, frame, sheets, pillows, blankets, comforter. Everything.

I don't think I've ever purchased a bed. I hand-built the one* I used from about 1986 to 2006, which was always topped with a mattress received second-hand from friends or family. Since then, I've either had a twin mattress on the floor**, or in a recent development, a twin mattress supported by ten plastic bins. All the bedding is a hodge-podge of sheets and blankets (second-hand, mostly), and are now wearing out.

Since I am a Grown-Up***, instead of merely acquiring yet another hand-off, I think I'd like to buy a real bed. As a bonus, I'd imagine that having a real bed would boost my chances of ever engaging a romantic/sexual relationship again****.

I mentioned on Twitter that I was considering bed-buying and I've already had two friends give me information on the process, which I now understand can be fabulously complex and involved. And expensive. I originally thought I'd aim for $1,000, but this is looking more like $2,000 worth of sleep products. While I usually opt for the budget solution, I think I'd be better served by buying one that truly meets my needs. I doubt that all of my sleep issues are merely equipment-related, but I might as well buy something that supports me in getting good sleep.

So I'm still early in the process, working on scope and requirements definition. I'll probably post more about it as I go, since this is easily the most interesting thing happening in my life right now.

* Built with a robust frame of 2x4s and massive storage drawers, it was designed for utility, rather than aesthetics.

** Briefly I used two twin mattresses pushed together to make a pseudo-king, but the seam between mattresses is problematic.

*** Granted, one who owns far more action figures and doll clothes than most people my age, but still I qualify as a Grown-Up.

**** To be honest, none of the women I've ever asked if they'd like to go out with me have replied with "That depends. What kind of bed do you have?" They usually just say things like, "Ew, I don't date IT guys," or "No, I think of you more like a friend that I don't ever sleep with or even talk to that often." But I'm thinking that if things have progressed to the point where I'm bringing her back to my place, having a bed that appears to be borrowed from an impoverished college student could be a deal-breaker.
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