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Two Movies and a Saturday

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: Some beautiful animation. I don't much care for the character design, though. There's something about the skinny body/big head that annoys me. I loved the Monkey! His interjections were the best part of this film. It made me think that they could do a whole movie about him, but it probably wouldn't work as well. Overall, it was an okay film, a highly predictable plot (Science goes Horribly Wrong), and some pretty scenic animation. Can't really recommend it, but it does have the image of a monkey ripping the heart from an evil Gummi Bear, which I will treasure forever.

Sherlock Holmes: WTF? I pray to a Merciful God that we will not see more movies based on characters from expired-copyright literature where the writers "reimagine" anything. Remember how they did this to Godzilla? I mean, OMGWTF? This is Sherlock Holmes In Name Only, and while I usually like Robert Downey Jr., the character was not the one from the stories I read growing up. Which wouldn't be so bad, but this film was both vexing and boring. It had gunfire, fistfights and explosions, yet it was DULL. The best thing about it was the art direction. And that's bad when the scenery is more interesting than the people acting in front of it. Please, let there be no more of these. Amen.

Saturday was devoted to chores and snottygrrl. Went out for tire repair and oil change. Did laundry. Cleaned. Then picked up snottygrrl to go see "Sherlock Holmes" (Please, god, please! Amen). That had to be followed by sushi to cheer us up, and then I took her home. During the course of this, we talked about the Olympics (mostly the Opening Ceremonies and the unfortunate loss of Nodar Kumaritashvili), thrihyrne, Google Buzz, and many other topics. That's kind of our thing. I didn't leave her place until 10:30, which probably doesn't sound so late to normal people, but for me, it's like well after midnight.

Now I should be working on the comic, but instead, I wrote this.
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