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Feb 1 – Potpourri

It's with great excitement that I've introduced my latest Internet meme, the changing of one's profile picture to the Golden Bucket of Oatmeal, which I'm certain will blossom forth to become a major Internet-culture touchstone, unless, of course, I am yet again severely deluding myself. But I've changed my icon to the Golden Bucket of Oatmeal! If you support All That Is Good, make the Golden Bucket of Oatmeal your icon for this week, too! Join the frenzy!

I am loath to use the term "Writer's Block," but it aptly describes my recent experience with trying to script comics and comic books lately. I'm trying different writing exercises to see if I can get things flowing again. It's not as if I'm completely stopped up; I've had some other fun ideas that I've been putting down on paper. They're just not what I need to be writing if I want to hit my goals for the year (well, one of the things is a Valentine's Day Relationship Quiz for the advice column, so that does count).

I worked 160 hours at BHFT last month! That's notable because it's been since last March that I've billed that many hours in a calendar month. I suspect the increase in working hours also has its impact on my creative time. But I do like money.

Perhaps you watched "Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen" without becoming bored with nearly-indistinguishable piles of animated scrap metal beating the crap out of each other, but I couldn't do it. I also noted that while Megan Fox is a superlative example of cinematic pulchritude, I thought her on-screen presence exuded no charisma at all. Perhaps she's a delightful person in real life, but it didn't come across here. As for her acting skills, I will say that when she was running, I totally believed it. She really looked like she was running. Plus, she has an amazing ability to keep white pants clean while sprinting, diving and crawling about in the Egyptian desert. People should be praised for their strengths.

I'm trying to decide whether to go to Emerald City Comic-con in March. I've never been. It's bigger than the cons we have here in Portland. I think I would enjoy it. If I decide to go, that opens up a whole series of new decisions: Take time off work and make a long weekend of it? Or a day trip? Stay one night, or more? If so, where? Take the train? Drive? Go with someone, or try to hook up with strangers?

That is all for now. As you were...

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