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I left my phone at home today. No, not intentionally. I broke my usual routine and plugged him in to recharge, thinking "Remember to get this before going to work." Somehow, remembering the package to mail and dithering about whether to take a DVD back to the library drove that thought from my mind.

This was mostly not a problem. I do have my desk phone at BHFT to call people during the day if I need to (although most of the phone numbers I would call are listed in my cell phone's address book). I typically receive a handful of text messages (mostly Twitter posts), and some days I send a few texts. I let my housemates know that my phone wasn't with me, so in the unlikely event of an Emergency, they'd know to call me at BHFT. So while I was at work, Mr. Phone gathered eight text messages (mostly Twitter) and two missed calls, one of which I would have liked to have been able to answer.

The worst part was not being able to talk to anybody during my Lunchtime Walk. At least it was sunny for a while.

Right now, I should be working on Monday's comic, or scripting more comics, or even assembling next week's Newsletter, but I don't Feel Funny. I'm tired (hopefully because I woke up this morning at 4:00 and not because I'm coming down with snottygrrl's cold). I'm going to visit with Mr. Television for a bit, and perhaps I'll feel funnier over the weekend.

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