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From Knock-Knock to Night-Night

Baby Hz has a tradition that I'm rather fond of. Each night, drarwenchicken brings Hz downstairs, and Hz knocks on my door.* When I open the door, Hz squirms to be set down, and she sits on the lowest stair. Then she pats the stair until I sit next to her. After that it's a little more free-form; sometimes she climbs up and down the stairs, or demands that drarwenchicken sit down too, or she'll run around between the stairs and the laundry room. One just never knows. After we've played for a while, it's time to say night-night. She gives me a hug (which always makes me say "Awww!" because it's just SO CUTE!), and then drarwenchicken carries her upstairs again.** It's all very adorable. I'm really lucky that I live here so I can have this in my life.

* Unlike adults, she doesn't just knock two or three times. Once she starts, she keeps knocking until I open the door. It's endearing when she does it.

** I can't deny that sometimes the adults are done before Hz has finished playing, and she isn't so happy about being carried off to bed, but such is the Life of a Toddler.
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