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Got a Crystal Ball I Can Borrow?

I'm joining a new project at BHFT, and am trying to get up to speed on what work was done on it last year. I feel like I'm pressing the information to my head, but rather than being absorbed, it's sliding off into a wet, mucky pile that I don't want to pick up again.

Instead, my brain wants to think about my creative projects. And wonder how things would go if I quit my job and head off to Seek My Fortune (metaphorically, anyway). Based on how productive I was while I was unemployed in 2005-2006, I would keep the webcomic going, poke about at my novel and stuff, get distracted by the Internet and eventually have to get another job. That's not the vision of the future I want. Would I actually do better this time? Would I have the discipline to write prolifically and submit manuscripts to publishers? Or would History repeat itself? I really wish I had a crystal ball that would answer these questions.

I suspect that this year, like every year so far, I'll decide to keep working until I have an alternate income stream on track to support me before I seriously consider retiring from consulting.
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