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My Day In Twelve Acts

1. My car didn't want to start this morning. It took about six tries to coax it into starting.
2. Then I realized a headlight was out.
3. Fortunately, I made it safely to Big Happy Fun Time.
4. People mostly left me alone. That was good.
5. The fun part was talking to sanguinity at lunchtime.
6.When it came time to replace the headlight, it was raining. Naturally.
7. Although removing the lamp is technically easy, the engine compartment of a Honda Fit has very little room to maneuver, making it hard to even see what's going on.
8. Fred Meyer had lots of replacement lamps, but the type I needed was sold out.
9. Same thing at the auto parts store. What the hell?
10. They did have a two-pack of premium lamps. Rather than dink around with this project any more, I bought those.
11. Reassembling the headlight was slightly easier. It was still raining.
12. If this had happened on the 3rd, I could have made a comic about it. Instead, I wrote this.

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