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First Lines of 2009, Now WITH TITLES!

As most of you know, the one New Year's Resolution I always make is "To Be Perfect," which normally lasts no more than a day or so before I forget to floss or make rude gestures at other drivers (not that they can see, of course, as we don't want any Road Rage incidents), so there's nothing to do but give up on that goal until next year. Still, I always look forward to the annual First Lines meme, wherein I post a summary of the first lines of the first posts of each month for the past year! For this year's post, I've added a little extra flair by including the post titles. As you read, you'll understand why I post this on Saturday, so I still have a couple days to recover from the dizzying excitement:

January: 2009 In Review - I know, 2009 isn't quite over yet, but I wanted to be the first to look back at it and reflect on how the year has gone so far.

February: Blood and Death and Wedding Dresses - On the way to donate blood, I asked myself (as I'm sure most of you have done in this situation): "Will I regret not stopping at the cemetery to take pictures in the fog first?"

March: Comic Frenzy! - Today is the 3rd, which means 3 On The 3rd!

April: Dude Golf = Awesome - Way back at March's Dude Night, we scheduled Dude Golf for today, hoping for good weather.

May: Tradition - When family is visiting, we all eat dinner together.

June: Good Hair Day - Today was a Good Hair Day.

July: If It's Not One Thing... - Well, today's plan was to have next week's comics done, and work on comic books this morning, then go hang out with holyhippie and family.

August: Milestone - You know how I've been talking about sending queries to publishers about my book of columns for ages?

September: Smurf! - I really tried to go to work this morning.

October: Portlanders: Events to Attend! - We like to support our friends, and so I'm spreading the news about Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett's book BOILERPLATE: HISTORY'S MECHANICAL MARVEL, which is being released to retail establishments this coming week.

November: Halloween Weekend, 2009 - Busy weekend!

December: Tweet Me A Story Entries - So, I've entered the Tweet Me A Story contest.

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