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I Was Warned It Would Happen...

Today it happened: A man walks in, looks around and asks:

“Is this a book store?”

Interesting question, indeed! One might have suspected that the prominent store name “Dragon’s Head Books”, the display of books in the window, and the room-encompassing, ceiling-high shelves loaded with... well, you get the idea, would have been adequate, but apparently there are those who refuse to make the easy assumptions and demand specific affirmation.

Even with warning that people will ask this, I was caught off guard. Naturally, I was heavily tempted by the myriad of snarky, snide, sarcastic, witty, sardonic, or rude responses possible, but went with the safe “Yes.” Maybe next time I’ll insist that the books are just for decoration, this is actually a Cheese Shop, but we’re totally out of Cheese this week. As amused as I am by the idea, I don’t know if I could carry it off.

To be fair, prior to being a location of bibliocommerce, the store that was here sold items usually referred to as “paraphernalia,” and rumor has it that the previous shop owner was arrested for selling consumable recreational products often used with said paraphernalia. Even though a year has passed, this transition may still be a little confusing to the shop’s previous patrons.

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