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Best Vacation Ever! Well, So Far...

Well, I haven't been doing nearly as much creative work as I'd planned, but I'm having a great time! I've had days where I've not gotten out of my jammies for the entire day. Yesterday was devoted almost entirely to sorting through boxes of old files, records and miscellaneous papers, generating a large pile of recycling and a small stack of papers to file. Then snottygrrl suggested we go for a walk, as it was still sunny. We did a couple laps around Laurelhurst Park (which was chilly, but not as cold as walking along Peacock Lane the night before).

Today's big event was a trip to IKEA. I'd never been there before, but sanguinity had been telling me about it. If you've never been there*, it's the Disneyland of big box home furnishing stores. Everything is designed to enhance your Shopping Experience (Bonus: They were serving free breakfast in the cafe). We then spent a couple hours wandering through the store, looking at how it's all staged and arranged to make it really easy for you to buy lots of stuff. It's quite fascinating. I did manage to make it all the way through without a purchase. But I did get some ideas for later...

Then it snowed! (Click images to enlarge)

* Of course you have! EVERYBODY but me has been to IKEA.
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