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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Vacation!

Pre-dawn, on Day 1 of a two-week vacation. I am faced with, as I am with most of my vacations, the question "Now what do I do?"

It's not as if I can't think of anything. No, the problem is more that I've been putting off a number of tasks for months. "I'll do that on vacation," I'll tell myself. And now it's here. I probably have three or four months worth of projects lined up, mostly writing scripts. Boredom isn't the problem. I'm far more likely to be paralyzed by the fear that no matter what I do, there will be a bunch of things that I'm not doing.

I wonder what things I'll accomplish? Here's a list of potential activities. We'll revisit this list at the end of my holiday, and see what actually was completed:

Script and assemble a dozen comics.
Script some comic books.
Assemble four Newsletters for January.
Finish my Nano novel draft from 2006.
Finish my Sekkrit Craft Project.
Assemble and post my 3 On the 3rd comics (for the past four months).
Make improvements to the Ask Dr. Eldritch website.

Get my financials in order (tax docs, retirement accounts).
Give my apartment a serious cleaning/organizing.
Clear out the unneeded items from the storage shed.

See "Avatar" with snottygrrl
Visit Peacock Lane (snottygrrl, thrihryne, and anyone else?)

Or, will I just spend the entire time dinking about on the Internet, reading webcomics, playing computer games and watching TV? Could be worse, I guess...
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