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There Will Be Pancakes

Since part of the pleasure of dining at a restaurant is being freed from having to cook, it seems odd that I'd be so interested in a Do-It-Yourself pancake experience. Perhaps it's the novelty of having a grill built into the table. Whatever the reason, I'd been wanting to go to Slappy Cakes, a new restaurant at 4246 SE Belmont St., and try cooking their gluten-free pancakes myself.

If you don't want DIY pancakes, you can have them prepared by the kitchen staff. And if you don't want pancakes*, the menu has the variety of options typical of a breakfast place. We had a sample of the fare; I chose the gluten-free DIY pancakes with a side of lemon curd, snottygrrl went for the buttermilk version, and thrihyrne went for a classic eggs-and-potatoes breakfast plate that didn't involve pancakes at all**. Reaction was positive, although I found the lemon curd uninspiring, and there was about eight times as much as I needed. Keep that in mind when ordering $1 extras; they're probably best shared around the table.

Cooking the pancakes works out quite well. We received our batter in squeeze bottles, which made dispensing simple. I'd start cooking the next round as soon as one set of pancakes came off the grill; about the time I was finished eating, the next ones would be near done. We mostly went with the standard "round" shape, but I did make a pancake turtle, just to see. Came out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

If you go, be aware that the grill in the center of each table dominates the space, and I wish the wood around it was just a little bit wider to better accommodate plates and condiments. I wouldn't want to have a small child at the table, either, as there's scant protection to keep little hands off the hot surface. For a group of adults, however, these factors are quite manageable.

For breakfast and a hot beverage each, our bill came to about $10/person, before gratuity. I doubt I'll go there every week, but I'll probably make a few more forays, to try out other things on the menu and perhaps experiment with more pancake shapes!

* My god, who doesn't want PANCAKES?
** thrihyrne, apparently.

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