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Last Week

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I think I was around more people last week than I usually see in a month. Because: Tuesday, Book Launch Party. Thursday: First Thursday. Friday: Company Holiday Party. Saturday: Legends of Webcomics Open House.

The Book Launch Party ( and Willamette Writer's Faire) was a blast! snottygrrl rode to the Old Church with me and took photos and video. I got to see LOTS of people (including sanguinity, grrlpup, leboyfriend, lenser, bookherd and beren_in_pdx (as well as other friends who aren't cool enough to have LJ accounts)), sold a bunch of books, and did a brief reading.

I realized that I haven't been out for First Thursday for over a year. Which is fine, but when bookherd pointed out that the Sequential Art Gallery had an exhibit of artistically modified My Little Ponies, under the name "PWN!ES!", I knew I had to go. She, sanguinity and I drove downtown, and spent less than fifteen minutes looking for parking because we went to the Secret Powell's Lot, which meant that we stopped in Powell's to see the Boilerplate art, and let me shmooze with Paul Guinan and Carolyn Main. We then walked over to Broadway. It was freakin' cold. And we learned that the Sequential Art Gallery is quite small, so having a dozen people in it at a time means that it's shoulder-to-shoulder packed. But the exhibit had some nicely done ponies (my favorites were the Four Ponies of the Apocalypse, the Ammonia (with Tentacles!), and the Pink One With Eyes). Even with having to move slowly due to the crowd, we were quickly through all of the exhibit, and there was nothing to do but chat for a minute with the ever-gracious Kaebel Hashitani as we bundled up, and then head back into the cold. We looped around a really splendid old building to see what it was (The Customs Building), and that was enough for the evening. Looking at Art really takes it out of you.

To say thanks for helping out on Tuesday, I invited snottygrrl to come with me to my Company Holiday Party (plus, she's fun to hang out with) on Friday. It's at the Governor Hotel, and is known for free drinks, great food and presents. I've been really lucky in my career; most of the companies I've worked for have had decent holiday parties. Of course, it helps to have as much alcohol as I've consumed all year so far (two drinks! In one evening!). So we had fun, and it was worth bundling up against the freakin' cold and going downtown again for the party.

The Legends of Webcomics was the smallest and simplest event of the weekend. The artists had an open house in their studio with refreshments. I didn't stay very long; it was mostly about selling artwork and merchandise, and I wasn't really in a buying mood. Plus, I'd been around enough people for a weekend.

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