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Something Exciting!

At urging from faithful readers, I've decided to expand the Dr. Eldritch newsletter to include horoscopes! I had the idea a while back, but was reluctant to take on the extra effort (I mean, there were weeks when I couldn't come up with a good letter, not to mention twelve brilliant astrological forecasts). So I gave it a try, and found that I'm eerily good at it! Want to read yours? Well, they won't be on the website, only in the newsletter, so you'll have to subscribe to read it! Don't whine; it's free, I'll never sell your email address, and you won't get third-party spam (from me anyway, I'm not responsible for the rest of the Internet). Why not sign up? You'll get un-common sense advice, the Tip of the Week AND the Dr. Eldritch HOROSCOPE OF MYSTERY, guaranteed to cover subjects ORDINARY astrologers won't discuss!
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